The customer journey through the warehouse management system

The customer journey through the warehouse management system

In October 2023, Usisaat, in collaboration with Proficio, implemented a warehouse management system for Usisaat Air & Ocean customers, where we have just completed a trial period at the end of December.

The result of this implementation has meant that we have now optimized our administrative workflows and can provide customers with the status of shipments on their way from Denmark to Greenland and vice versa.

Initially, it is NTG Air & Ocean that receives the goods and creates a manifest describing all pallets, sender, receiver, and more, and sends it to Usisaat, which enters it into the system and sends a notification of upcoming delivery. When the container arrives in Nuuk, all pallets are scanned in, where the warehouse position is registered and checked to see if all pallets from the manifest are included. When the customer receives the shipment, they will be able to sign digitally for receipt which is saved in the system.

This implementation means that paperwork and inquiries about the status of the shipment are reduced in the eyes of the administration and gives an advantage to the customer by being able to closely follow the procedure.

Founder of Proficio, Kim Bahir Andersen, states:

It has been an exciting challenge to ensure a good system where Usisaat’s employees could use the mobile devices they already carry, to ensure the best possible workflow.

Usisaat has a strong customer focus, and we have been able to continuously add functionality that makes it easier to be a customer and provide good customer service. The system benefits from cloud technologies to ensure continuous expansion of both features and scalability.