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Social and environmental responsibility are key at Usisaat and have been so always. It is important for us to support our shared nature and social environment by creating and launching sustainable initiatives and jobs. On this page you can read more about which areas and initiatives we work with and which we are proud to support.

What are our values?

  • We always put our customers at the center of everything we do.
  • We strive to create a healthy workplace with happy employees.
  • We operate our business with respect for our surroundings.

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CSR as a cornerstone of our business

Ever since Usisaat was founded back in 1973, our company has had a very deliberate approach to its social and environmental responsibilities. This applies both within our company and externally to the world around us. This has helped to shape our company and it has great significance for the company that Usisaat is today.

Today, Usisaat operates as an active part of the community, and we have a very visionary approach to the local and global environment. In connection with this, we have a target to ensure that 10% of our employees are involved in training, an apprenticeship or internship with us.

We measure our CSR

A few years ago, we defined our CSR strategy and it has always been important to us that there is action behind our words. To ensure that we make a difference with our CSR, we have therefore formulated a CSR strategy with measurable parameters. Every year we prepare a report that, among other things, is based on the measurable parameters that we have set. We are also a member of CSR Greenland, and there is a strong focus on CSR in our 2020 plan.

We update and continuously adapt our CSR strategy to match the times and the environment and to support our business goals. We want to make sure that Usisaat creates value for society, the environment and its customers.

Creation of our in-house recycling department

As part of Usisaat’s future we have decided to create our own recycling department. Here we not only sort our own recycled materials, but also receive and sort materials from external partners, such as from the transport industry with EUR-pallets and cardboard that are no longer used. Once we have sorted the recycled materials we receive, we reuse those materials that we can use ourselves, and we pass the rest on to other companies. We have several fixed agreements with a range of shops and businesses that collect recyclable materials from us regularly at our recycling department. If you are interested in co-operating with us in recycling, please let us know.

Heating with wood chips and recycled timber

To take the best possible care of nature and the resources we use, we recycle most of the materials used in our company. One of the initiatives we have been most successful with in this regard is heating our warehouses primarily with recycled wood.

Instead of throwing away broken pallets, we have invested in a machine that generates heat from pallet wood. The heat is then used to heat all our large work and storage spaces. It’s satisfying to recycle the materials that we already have so that we do not have to put further strain on the environment and natural resources.

When there are materials that we can’t reuse ourselves, we ensure that, as far as possible, they are reused in other ways. For example, we have agreements with several shops and other businesses that they regularly pick up different types of materials that they can reuse in their business.

Have questions about our CSR?

We are always happy to hear from you if you have questions. Please feel free to contact us by calling +299 320333 or by writing to us at Usisaat@usisaat.gl