Welcome to Usisaat

If you need the services of a professional local partner for domestic or international goods transport to and from Greenland, you can be sure that you will get the right assistance from Usisaat.

Usisaat is a Greenlandic company that has specialized in moving and relocation services for more than 45 years. Over time, the company has expanded to include many additional business areas in order to assist our customers in the best way possible. Today, Usisaat offers freight and transport services for goods and cargo both domestically and internationally, shipping to and from destinations worldwide, as well as inventory management, storage unit leasing and auto repair services in Greenland. We cater to private individuals, companies and public institutions.

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    A company that is constantly evolving

    As a company that is constantly evolving with an eye to expanding the areas of business that can create even more value for our customers, our focus is always you, the customer. One of our great strengths is that we operate flexibly and freely between our departments to complete each task in the best way possible.

    This put heavy demands on all our employees across the company, but it also creates a multi-faceted and exciting environment with a great deal of team spirit. That’s why we have a strong focus on maintaining a good working environment and keeping employees happy, as we see it as our most important task to provide our customers with the best service and the best possible performance from happy employees.