About Usisaat Shipping

Shipping is one of our core areas at Usisaat. For many years, we have helped businesses and individuals ship to and from Greenland, assisting with paperwork, permits, storage, streamline shipping and container space so that you do not have to pay expensive cargo costs. We pick up your goods from your supplier and fill the container, which enables us to offer extra low prices on shipping and freight forwarding.

We offer air freight and ocean freight in collaboration with the worldwide forwarding Company NTG Air & Ocean A/S, and we offer flexible solutions in which we customize a solution to meet your exact needs.

Together we expedite all kinds of international transport to and from Greenland, and there is no shipment we can’t handle in a professional manner. In addition to shipping your goods, we provide professional packaging and preparation services for your shipment, and if you require storage, we also offer storage space in our logistics and warehouse department in Greenland.

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Air Freight

Air Freight

Do you have a package that you want sent to Greenland? Many companies and individuals use Usisaat when they need to send something by air. We ensure that your goods are transported safely from A to B, and that they arrive within the timeframe that you have been promised.

We offer regular air freight, door-to-door service or urgent shipments with Greenpack or Tuavi. With our help, your goods will safely reach the recipient and you can be certain that your shipment will be handled in a professional manner.

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

We act as your professional partner when it comes to transporting your goods safely by sea. We allow late drop-offs for departing shipments in Denmark and we offer fast delivery in Nuuk and the rest of Greenland. When you hire us for ocean freight services, your goods will normally be delivered the day after the ship’s arrival.

Once your items are in our care, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind. We take excellent care of your goods in our heated delivery vehicles with lifts and our own crane vehicles in Nuuk. The ocean freight containers that carry your goods are emptied indoors in our heated hall. If you wish, we can also offer storage space in our logistics and warehouse department in connection with the shipment.