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About Usisaat

More than 45 years ago, Usisaat started doing household relocations, and today the company has several departments and operates all over Greenland. From its very inception, Usisaat has had a position on social and environmental responsibility, and this has very much helped shape the company, which today takes an active part in the local community with its vision and clear positions when it comes to global environmental issues.

Usisaat is a proud family-run business that wants to protect our Greenland and ensure a sustainable future. We will do our part to protect the environment and choosing us as your partner means that you are doing your part for nature as well. Usisaat is a family-owned business, and the company is currently being operated by the second generation.


The story behind the Greenlandic business Usisaat ApS begins in 1973, when the company was founded by husband and wife Akisooq Poulsen and Hans Gerstrøm. Today, their children Minik Gerstrøm are taking the company into the future. Usisaat is based in Nuuk, and the company has been headquartered here since 1991.

Usisaat is operated by Minik Gerstrøm, while the two founders still take an active management role. Minik is responsible the administrative part.

Although Usisaat’s history goes back many years in time, it is a company that is constantly evolving. Its processes are continuously optimized, and management, as well as employees, are focused on creating innovative solutions that benefit the population of Greenland.


You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or need help. Below you will find contact information for all our employees and departments.


Johansinnguak Jerimiassen


Aron Petrussen


Ungaaq Tobiassen


Arnaq Hansen Berthelsen


Lena Henningsen

Logistik konsulent

Aqqalunnguaq Rasmussen


Sanny G. Petersen

Logistik konsulent

Nikki Heegård Poulsen

Lager & Logistik

Manu Fleischer


Utertunnguaq Emil Mathiassen


Niels P. Dalager

Logistik/Personale konsulent

Inuk Petersen

Flytte koordinator

Jørgen Heilmann


Søren Lund

Lager & Logistik

Nukappi Fontain


René Lindum Pedersen


Jan Degn Olsvig

Lageransvarlig - Autoservice

Peter Jerimiassen


Ivan Sørensen


Poul Guldager Nielsen


Jørgen Lyberth

Ilulissat / Spedition/Flyt

Anguteeraq Kronvold

Aasiaat / Spedition/Flyt

Karl Jan Kronvold

Qaqortoq / Spedition/Flyt

Daniel Permien

Logistik konsulent

Robert Holmene

Narsaq Spedition/Flyt

Johan Henningsen


Minik Dan Gerstrøm


Hans Gerstrøm


Aki Poulsen

New headquarters

On 03-09-2022, we have officially taken over our new building at Qeqertat totaling 5,700 square meters, where we have established all our units and facilities. And the new headquarters will mean that we will be able to provide more secure and more efficient workflows and enhance our competitiveness by gathering everything under one roof.

Construction of the new building will give us many more square meters to work with, and we therefore have plans to expand with a storage facility. This will give us the opportunity to offer our customers additional services, such as storage and self-storage unit rental.

Contact us today

Can’t find what you are looking for on this page, or do you have questions about our prices? No matter what your query is, you are welcome to contact us. Call us on tel. +299 320333 or send an email to Usisaat@usisaat.gl