Do you need storage space for your goods or your private items in Greenland?

We are offering a brand-new service with our USIBOX. Here you can rent one or more storage units with closed containers in which your items are kept safe and secure. These can be rented for long periods or for short periods.

As early as spring 2020 you can begin to book our services and get hold of some of the many self-storage units we offer at the facility, which will be open 24 hours a day. Our self-storage units can be rented so that you have a space to store all the things you don’t have room for in your home or in your business. You can always enjoy free access to your storage unit if you need to put more things in it or if you need to pick up something. Both private individuals and companies can make use of our storage services. Our self-storage facility is staffed to ensure that no unauthorized persons can enter.

You pay a fixed price for your unit regardless of how many times you need to access it.

If you need our assistance to move your items into your storage unit or to move them out and ship them to another destination in Greenland or abroad, we are happy to help. We offer not only storage facilities, but also shipping, freight and transport of products and other goods.

Want to know more about our Selfstorage?

    What is a self-storage facility?

    The Usisaat self-storage facility is your extra storage space. Another way to see it is as your local ‘shed’ where we take care of your things. You will always be able to access your unit around the clock. That means that you can let yourself into your unit when it suits you best. Whether it’s early morning or late evening.

    We make sure that we take good care of your things, and your self-storage facility is always staffed around the clock. You pay a fixed price for your storage unit, and it doesn’t cost you extra when you need to access it. You can come and collect things from your storage unit whenever you want because you have 24-hour access – at no extra cost.

    Moving things into your storage unit

    If you need assistance with moving your items into our self-storage facility, or from there to another location, we are happy to help. You can always pay for us to help you move your items to or from your storage unit. We not only offer storage and storage space. We also offer shipping and freight.

    We take good care of your things

    Once you have stored your things with us, you can be sure that they are safe and secure. Our units are specially designed for their purpose, so your items are not exposed to any kind of moisture or temperature fluctuations. Security is also our priority, and we make sure that your unit is protected from unauthorized persons. Our primary focus is to take good care of your items when you book self-storage services with us. And you can be sure that your items will be kept safe and sound in our self-storage facility.