MAN trucks & vans

MAN trucks and vans

Looking for a new MAN truck or van for your business? Then you’ve come to ­the right place.

At Usisaat Auto Services, we are Greenland’s leading specialist and distributor of MAN trucks and vans. We are located in Nuuk, where you can take a walk around our garage to see our selection of MAN trucks. We have extensive experience with MAN trucks, and we can offer you a wide selection of both trucks and vans from leading manufacturers. If you are unsure about which truck or van to choose, we can advise you and help you to find the truck or van that best suits your needs.

MAN trucks

If you’re considering purchasing a new truck for your business, it’s important to choose one that can meet all your needs. As MAN truck distributors, we are specialists in the brand, and we’re here to advise you so that you can get exactly the truck that best meets your requirements. Whether you are looking for a MAN truck for a construction site or for distribution driving, you will find the right vehicle with us.

MAN vans

Are you considering investing in a van because your business needs a delivery vehicle? Then we have the perfect van for you. As distributors of MAN vans, we can offer you a large selection, and we are happy to help you find just the right van for your business. Construction site, delivery vehicle or passenger transport? With us you’ll find a MAN van for every purpose.

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Why choose a MAN truck or van?

As professionals, we have no doubt that you’ll get good quality for money when you choose to invest in a MAN vehicle. MAN is a recognized brand, and their vehicles are sought after worldwide, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a truck or van that’s not only a pleasure to drive, but which will also last for many years into the future and is equipped with a wide range of innovative features, we would always recommend that you opt for a MAN truck or van. MAN has been manufacturing vehicles for over 100 years – and they are in demand worldwide.