Auto Repair Services

About Usisaat Auto Services

Does your car or truck need a little TLC? We’re here to help!
At Usisaat we offer auto repair services, and we also sell new cars. You can trust that we will take excellent care of your car and other vehicles and that you will be offered a professional solution at our garage. We will welcome your car if you need to bring it into the garage. We have many years of experience in auto repairs, and we carry out repairs and maintenance on all types of cars, specializing in MAN trucks and vans and Volvo cars. We are based in Nuuk, and our garage serves private individuals, companies and public institutions.

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    What can our garage do for you?

    • Repairing and replacing wheel tires (all sizes)
    • Service and repair of all types of vehicles and all brands
    • Repair and service of forklift trucks and other rolling stock
    • Repair of all hydraulics
    • Replacement of hydraulic hoses

    With us, our customer’s needs are always paramount

    At Usisaat, it’s important that we meet your requirements when you contact us. That’s why we always put your needs first. If a customer would like a quote before we start any repair work, we are always happy to provide one. We do this to ensure that our work and services meet your requirements.