Sailing schedule – Sejlplan

Shipping info (instruction) – Forsendelses info


Flexible solutions

  • We customize our product to exactly YOUR needs.
  • We offer warehousing among other things.
  • Professional packing/preparation of your shipping order.

Airfreight and sea freight in collaboration with Leman A/S

Leman A/S is a big, international freight company. Usisaat ApS works in close corporation with our agent Leman A/S. Together, we carry out all kinds of international transportation, and among these, sea- and airfreight to and from Greenland especially.



  • Direct airfreight
  • Door-to-door concept.
  • Urgent shipment / Greenpack / Tuavi



  • Late delivery to the freight ship in Denmark.
  • Quick delivery in Nuuk – the goods are usually delivered the day after the arrival of the ship.
  • Heated distribution-vehicles with lifts and cranes, in Nuuk.
  • Seaway containers are emptied indoors in our heated hall.